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The synergy between Strategy and Tactics

Every business needs a strategy to reach its stated Goal. And that strategy must lead to tactics. So, map out your strategy to help you identify precisely what needs to get done. 2,500 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu said: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the […]

Are you measuring what moves the needle?

Are you measuring what moves the needle? Moving the needle means making changes in your business that make a difference, not only to the “bottom line”, but also in health of your business. Your car speedometer needle moves when you press the accelerator. That’s a direct result of that action and thus the needle tells […]

KPI Analysis with KPI Karta

To improve business performance, first you need to determine what factors are really driving your business. If you don’t properly identify what to measure and track, you may end up tracking metrics that turn out to have little or no impact on results. Business activities create more data than companies can reasonably absorb, so it’s […]

The Difference between KPIs and KRIs and Why It Matters

When companies decide to track performance, they invariably begin by measuring results. That’s the wrong approach. Results only tell you what happened, not why. You can choose to measure either the results of your work or the actions that cause the results. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be reserved for tracking things that directly relate […]

The 6 KPI Essentials

Tracking business success is hard. Really hard. Using key performance indicators (KPIs) to track success is common, but too often, the indicators are incorrectly implemented and offer little or no insight as to how that goal was achieved—or not. A KPI is a calculated metric showing progress of a critical action or activity. KPIs are […]

How Intelligent are your KPIs?

Make KPIs and business metrics more effective by mapping them to Goals. There is, or at least should be, a logical thought process for how KPIs are conceived that creates a hierarchical structure. By showing that logical structure, team members understand how they are determined, what activities people are working on to achieve them, and […]

NOT the Top Ten KPIs

Don’t fall into the trap of picking your KPIs because they are the ones used by others or on someone’s Top 10 KPI list. KPIs need to be consistent with your particular needs and always driven by your unique business goals. Claiming that the top 10 KPIs would be the same for everyone, is like […]

5 Steps to Actionable Key Performance Indicators

Analytics deliver an overwhelming amount of information by way of reports. Much of it is fascinating, but the excitement of those reports wanes over time because the information is not used to effect daily business functions. And why should it?! It’s usually not relevant to the business. However, relevant insight will be gained by developing […]