Our patent-pending solution does things no other product can:



Guidance to identify activities and actions, and related KPIs, necessary to accomplish corporate goals. Users gain confidence in their work. (no other product does this)


visual maps

Builds visual maps that align business goals with the activities needed to achieve them. Users feel less overwhelmed when they can see the bigger picture and how they fit into it. (no other product does this)


Track KPIs

Track KPIs and targets in real-time, allowing you to see how well everyone is progressing toward set goals. Users experience reduced stress because they can quickly identify and address issues or deviations from targets. (dashboarding tools do this but our visuals are pretty cool)

The problem with most KPIs is that people…

Waste time doing work that doesn’t help the business. Disagree on the metrics to improve the business. Can’t see how their activities help achieve the company goals. Don’t know what adjustments to make when the business performs poorly. Are frustrated with metrics that were mandated without their input. Confused how KPIs roll up to the big goal.

Sound familiar? We see it all the time. So, we fixed it.

F1 cars collect 1000+ data points every second, but none are for

“are you winning the race?”

Don’t simply track Revenue.

KPI Karta identifies and monitors the activities that drive revenue.

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Data-Driven Decision Making: A Guide to Implementing Effective KPIs

There are two parts to making decisions based on data. Most people miss the second one.



Ready for performance metrics that matter?

Want a visual board to go to when feeling stuck or confused? Want to see at a glance where you’re hitting & missing your targets? Want to know at all times how everyone’s performing?

We’re sure you do. And sure you want…

More meaning

A simple, intuitive way to create KPIs as a team

More indicators

Know for sales & marketing what’s working, what’s not & why

More inclusion

Common agreement across the organization of which KPIs to use

More understanding

Realize where people & processes are breaking down – and what to do about it

More transparency

Show & share performance metrics with others that need to know

More kumbaya

For staff to embrace KPIs
meaningful to them – which they helped create


There’s a (simple) process for creating the right KPIs for your sales & marketing team…
State your Goal. Then we’ll help you build a Karta to define your KPIs

By building a visual hierarchy of KPIs to break up work into coherent and simple steps


Too many companies struggle using KPIs correctly

Our Team has seen that for years, decades even.

Too many random metrics. Too many un-actionable KPIs… Thus… too many people confused with their KPIs.

You can’t track what you don’t understand. And can’t change what you do with metrics disconnected from each other.

We know what organizations really want…

KPIs that are well understood. That are complete, accurate & reliable. That are easy to see in a single view. And…

That guides decisions & work - on a daily basis

Imagine a visual hierarchy of KPIs to break up work into coherent and simple steps. With layers that connect each metric.

Actually, no need to imagine. See it here.

You see… metrics only make sense when related to each other. To tell & see the whole story. And that can be tracked over time.

So people will know what’s working, to do more of that. And know what’s not working – to pinpoint the right adjustment.

KPI Karta™ will help you create the right metrics. Know the right information. Take the right actions.

All in plain view.

So you can achieve your biggest sales & marketing goals.

With everyone aligned, working towards the same things.

Want that for your business?


As business leaders, we know a thing or two

  • 20+ years leading & running businesses
  • 20+ years working in data analytics
  • 17+ years using KPIs to measure & run businesses
  • 14+ years developing & hardening KPI Karta methodology
  • KPI Karta is completely unique. Yes, really.


Licenses for your needs & people

Certain people need to do more than others. Pick the licenses that make sense for your team.

An organization needs at least one Creator and can then share Kartas with Champion and Spectator licensed users.

  • Functionality
  • View finished Karta
  • Enter and edit KPIs and their
  • Enter KPI values
  • Create and edit Karta
  • Create Catalogs in which user can
    save Kartas, Branches, measures,
    and metrics for reuse
  • Share Elements (Catalogs, Kartas,
    Measures, Metrics) with Company
    and Public

    For users to fill in KPI values

    $36 /mth or $369 /yr

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    For anyone to stay informed


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  • Enterprise License

    To ensure everyone’s success

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* Karta is the Swedish term for map


Q1 What makes KPI Karta different from competitors?

The main thing is that KPI Karta will guide you to identify activities and actions, and related KPIs, necessary to accomplish corporate goals. That’s not what other systems do. And we build visual maps that align business goals with the activities needed to achieve them. Again, not something other tools do.

Q2 What if I already have KPIs?

That’s common and not a problem. Mapping them in KPI Karta makes it easier to comprehend and to communicate the relationship between KPIs and strategic goals.

Q3 What versions of KPI Karta are available?

Three products are available:

Spectator FREE for anyone who wants to see Kartas and progress

Champion for users who need to fill in their KPIs; $6/mth or $59/yr

Creator for building Kartas; $59/mth or $595/yr. An organization needs at minimum a Creator license.

Q4 How does this work if we currently use OKRs?

KPI Karta is a great extension to OKRs. That’s because both systems use the same approach of starting at the Goal and then Critical Success Factors, but KPI Karta continues to drill down into more detail. That way KPIs (and their targets) can be used in the OKR model.

Q5 Why are Revenue and ROI not good KPIs?

KPIs should always be actionable. In other words, you know exactly what needs to be done differently when the KPI target is missed. But that’s not the case with Revenue and other high-level goals. Many factors influence revenue. We are not diminishing the value of tracking revenue. Just not as an actionable KPI.

Q6 Are there any video tutorials or user guides available?

Yes, several are available under the resources tab (link) on the home page.

Q7 Do I need to provide my credit card to access the free trial?

No, you can sign up for the free 14-day trial without a credit card.

Q8 How do I bring in data from outside sources?

This can be done through CSV import. Many customers simply entering in values manually.

Q9 What benefits do businesses realize when using KPI Karta?

It makes them more efficient, better able to succeed which creates greater job satisfaction.

Most sales & marketing leaders struggle to create meaningful KPIs for their business. We offer an online software tool to easily create intuitive, visual KPIs, so organizations can measure, track & achieve their company goals.