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The synergy between Strategy and Tactics

Every business needs a strategy to reach its stated Goal. And that strategy must lead to tactics. So, map out your strategy to help you identify precisely what needs to get done. 2,500 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu said: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the […]

Are you measuring what moves the needle?

Are you measuring what moves the needle? Moving the needle means making changes in your business that make a difference, not only to the “bottom line”, but also in health of your business. Your car speedometer needle moves when you press the accelerator. That’s a direct result of that action and thus the needle tells […]

Cold Call King

Cold Call King When I first started out in the computer industry, (40 years ago!) I was given a sales quota along with a base salary and commissions based on hitting my targets. The plan was simple enough. We were paid a commission which was equal to 5% of the revenue we generated. It didn’t […]

KPI Analysis with KPI Karta

To improve business performance, first you need to determine what factors are really driving your business. If you don’t properly identify what to measure and track, you may end up tracking metrics that turn out to have little or no impact on results. Business activities create more data than companies can reasonably absorb, so it’s […]