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About Us

KPI Karta was created out of necessity. Most business leaders struggle to create effective KPIs for their business. There had to be a better way of identifying KPIs than selecting from a generic list or reusing those from the past. The KPI Karta subscription service embodies the very successful methodology used in our consulting practice for the past 15 years.

Our company is led by industry leaders who believe our service will positively impact business performance and individual happiness.

Our Team

Peder Enhorning

Founder & CEO

Peder manages the day-to-day operations of KPI Karta.

Prior to starting KPI Karta he founded Unilytics in 2001 and led its transition from marketing analytics to a leading business intelligence consultancy. The KPI Karta methodology was delivered as a consulting service and refined over the past 15 years. Unilytics is a portmanteau word from Unicorn and Analytics. Enhörning is the Swedish word for unicorn but naming the company Unicorn Analytics was too clumsy. Unilytics was acquired in 2021 allowing Peder to focus on building KPI Karta.

Originally from Sweden, Peder regularly returns to his homeland drawing inspiration from its balance of beauty and innovation.

Tracy A. Wehringer

Chief Marketing Officer

Tracy Wehringer is a growth-focused marketing leader with a proven track record in driving revenue-generating initiatives across global B2B landscapes. Renowned for crafting marketing centers of excellence, Tracy blends a deep understanding of diverse marketing disciplines with robust business development strategies. Her strategic, data-driven, and customer-centric approach has led to remarkable achievements, including a 79.16% increase in net-new revenue through seamless tech integration, a 93% customer retention rate via strategic automation, and a 67% surge in marketing qualified leads through data optimization. Tracy’s efforts have significantly shortened sales cycles and delivered a monumental Marketing ROI of 597%, while saving over $24 million in costs. Committed to redefining marketing as a critical revenue driver, she ensures every initiative aligns with broader business objectives for sustainable growth.


Vafa Akhavan

Founder & CEO

Vafa’s career encompasses 7 industries covering 14 countries, with half his career spent in management consulting and half in corporate operating roles. The breadth and depth of his experience makes him uniquely positioned to accelerate value in organizations. Currently, Vafa is the CEO at World Pediatric Project, an international non-profit serving children in underserved countries through tertiary pediatric surgery. Vafa also serves on the Board of Directors at Children Believe and is a senior faculty member at the Executive Education Center of the Schulich Business School, York University.

Jim Sterne

Founder & CEO

Internationally known speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs, Jim has over twenty-five years in sales and marketing – most of that on measuring the value of digital media for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Author of a dozen books on advertising, marketing, customer service, email marketing and web analytics. Founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit (eMetrics Summit), co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association, and creator of the Analytics Cohorts mutual mentorship program.